bada Italia (community) wants bada 2.0 now

The owner of the website bada Italia has created a petition urging Samsung to consider releasing bada 2.0 sooner. This comes after Samsung Italy announced via their Facebook page that bada 2.0 will be released by April/May 2012.

Manuel, bada Italia website owner, says that the move by Samsung could cause consumers to lose faith in the bada platform as newer apps will not be compatible with the older devices for a long period. The Samsung Apps store for bada is very small compared to the Android market and iOS App Store. Manuel says that consumers may consider selling their Wave devices to purchase other phones so that they can have access to a larger selection of apps.

If Manuel is correct in his predictions, the bada platform could suffer a terrible blow as developers may not be encouraged to develop apps for the platform. bada is in a tight competition with other platforms. Since bada overtook Windows Mobile in terms of market share this year, we’ve seen Microsoft boost its marketing of the Windows Phone, however, we have yet to see Samsung proudly push bada out into the spotlight.

If you would like to help Manuel with his petition: click here to go to sign the petition.

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