New beta bada 2.0 firmware available

bada enthusiasts will be pleased that a new beta release of bada 2.0 is available for both the Wave I and Wave II devices.

bada 2.0

Numbered at S8500XXKL6 and S8530XXKL6, the new beta release is now very close to the final release of bada 2.0, so users will not notice much of a difference between this firmware and previous beta versions such as XXKK5/7. However, this release obviously includes many bug fixes, so if you’re a beta tester and you have some cap to spare, give it a go.

Download for Wave I

Download for Wave II

* These links have been copied from

If you notice any changes, or if you would like to add comments about this firmware, please comment on this post 🙂

NOTE: Beta firmware is not recommended for users needing a stable system, or users who use their mobile device as their primary means of communication. If you are willing to install beta firmware by flashing your device, please follow the correct procedures.

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