Voice Alert Languages Now Available for bada 2.0

  Voice Alert languages are now available for bada 2.0 from the Samsung Apps store.

With voice alert enabled, your bada phone will speak to you, notifying you of incoming calls, messages, voice mail, email, alarms and calendar entries. bada uses the Vlingo app which is already popular on other platforms like Android and iOS. Recently we learnt that Vlingo has been acquired by Nuance (the company that developed T9 trace input and also many speech recognition softwares). This acquisition should prove to be beneficial to users of bada and other mobile platforms as Vlingo gears up in its battle against the increasingly popular Siri.

To enable voice alert on your bada 2.0 device, simply go to Settings > General > Voice input and output > Voice alert.

Click the slider to enable voice alert. This will prompt a pop-up box saying that a language will need to be downloaded first. Confirm the request and Samsung Apps will open with a search for text-to-speech. When the search results appear, simply select the language of your choice and select “Get”. The language pack will then be installed. You can manipulate the settings from the settings menu under “Voice input and output”.

To enable or disable voice alert at any time, double click the center button and say “enable voice alert” or “disable voice alert”.

Enjoy 🙂

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9 comments on “Voice Alert Languages Now Available for bada 2.0

  1. I also have a wave 2 with bada 2.0 . when i try to activate voice alert it redirects to samsung app n automatically search for TTS then shows NO DATA .What should i do ?!
    pls help me ppls.

  2. Hi , I have wave 1 and I upgraded firmware to bada 2.0 and text to voice feature is not getting activate as there is no language available. under Heading Voice Output Voice alert is Grey out. and selecting spoken language and downloading take me to sam apps but with no language present over there. Please help me either provide US eng Language and also tell the method to download it manual in bada 2.0

  3. i can’t find any languages. When i go with samsung app, it shows “No Data”. Pls help me………

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