bada shows significant growth in 2011

According to stats from NET Market Share, bada grew from 0.00% in July 2011 to 0.17% in December 2011.

bada market share 2011

bada market share 2011

From the (rough) statistics above, Samsung’s bada platform seems to have made major gains in market share during the second half of 2011. The highest gains were made shortly after Samsung announced the Wave 3 and other bada 2.0 devices.

These statistics are vital in encouraging third party development for the OS. In-turn, big-name apps bring more users to the system. Recently we learnt that Rovio have been developing Angry Birds for bada 2.0. An early version of the game appeared in the Samsung Apps store for S8600 devices. The news sparked a lot of interest online. It seems that all bada needs now is the arrival of other big-name apps like WhatsApp, Trapster, Evernote, etc. and consumers will be flocking to buy Samsung’s amazing range of Wave devices.

Last year, we saw bada device sales overtake that of Microsoft’s Windows Phone. With the release of bada 2.0 to the Wave I and II and the official release of the Wave 3 around the globe all expected to occur in the first half of 2012, what does the future hold for bada? Watch this space to find out 🙂

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