WhatsApp for bada campaign!

Many bada users have enquired from WhatsApp developers if they will be developing the app for bada, but until now, the response has been negative.

WhatsApp for bada

We think that the response has been negative mainly because WhatsApp developers do not see a potential market amongst bada users. Even though many bada users have sent emails to WhatsApp, their developers are seldom notified of these emails because an automatic system responds to the emails. However, upon replying to the automatic response, the developers are notified of the request.

What I’d like to do is create a WhatsApp-for-bada day on which as many bada users across the globe:

  • email WhatsApp thrice to request an app for bada
  • tweet with #WhatsAppForBada
  • Change their profile pics on Facebook to something uniform that says WhatsApp for bada
  • Comment on every single post on the official WhatsApp Facebook page, requesting WhatsApp for bada

Hopefully this will help to create an awareness that there are many bada users who want WhatsApp for bada.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments 🙂 Let’s pick a date!


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