WhatsApp for bada Day sets in globally! Spread the word!

bada fans, users and tech geeks… Welcome to WhatsApp for bada Day! As the day sets in across the globe, let us spread the word and help to show WhatsApp developers that there is a market for the app on the bada platform!

What can you do?

See our event page at: http://www.calabashdesign.co.za/whatsappforbada.html details!!!

Being a part of this campaign is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Tweet to WhatsApp
    Tweet a request to @whatsapp
    using the hashtag #whatsappforbadaexample: @whatsapp Please will you develop WhatsApp for bada 🙂
  2. Flood Facebook
    Comment on posts on this Facebook page: WhatsApp on Facebook.
    Again request kindly for WhatsApp on bada.
  3. Send an email to Whatsapp
    Send an email to support@whatsapp.com
    requesting that the app be developed for bada.
    At first, you will receive an automated response. Reply to that
    automated response with the same request. The second request is usually
    ignored, so later during the day, reply for the third time with the
    same request.

15 comments on “WhatsApp for bada Day sets in globally! Spread the word!

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  2. is it possible to get whatsapp application for Samsung Wave 525..its urgent…please can some one reply asap…thanks alot

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