About bada

bada is a smartphone platform created by Samsung and currently shipped with Samsung Wave smartphones. Since 2011, bada has overtaken Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform as the fourth most popular smartphone operating system.

bada has been Samsung’s proprietary platform for many years, but with the introduction of the Wave series, Samsung added many new and exciting features to the platform such as multi-touch, enhanced 3D graphics performance, a whole new interface, application installations with a dedicated app store and more!

The Samsung Apps store for bada is filled with thousands of apps that add more features and fun to the platform. Apps range from handyman tools like a compass and spirit level to feature-rich office apps and popular games.

bada devices ship with navigation and pre-installed apps like Facebook, Twitter and Samsung’s own ChatOn. The platform boasts the TouchWiz interface that makes bada handsets sleek and easily customisable to suit your tastes. Recently Samsung began rolling out the Wave 3 smartphone which ships with bada 2.0 (which will be available for the Wave I and II soon). bada 2.0 boasts tonnes of new features such as voice commands that make tasks like calling, texting and even updating your social networks easy. There have been many major enhancements to the user interface which have made browsing and managing files easier.

Samsung bada provides an alternative mobile platform that is young and open to new ideas and possibilities. Whilst bada provides most of the useful features that other platforms like Android and iOS provide, bada is not just another Android, iOS or RIM OS, bada is unique and its journey of development is certainly exciting as we watch bada bring exclusive features to its users.

bada: Smartphone for EVERYONE!

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