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Welcome to the brand new hub for the latest bada related news and views. bada is a mobile operating system developed by Samsung. It currently operates on the Samsung Wave series phones and the latest stable release is bada 2.0 that is shipped with the awesome Samsung Wave 3 (S8600).

There are many sources for firmware, apps and info related to bada across the web, but this site seeks to bring all of that information to one central hub.

Looking for writers:

If you’re passionate about bada and feel you have a thing or two to add, drop me an email at mo.sayan@gmail.com so that I can add you as an author to this blog.

I’m gathering more info about bada and the imminent release of bada 2.0 for the Wave 1. I’ll soon have the first article posted and from then on, you’ll never be left behind. So subscribe to this blog to keep up!

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