WhatsApp for bada Day sets in globally! Spread the word!

bada fans, users and tech geeks… Welcome to WhatsApp for bada Day! As the day sets in across the globe, let us spread the word and help to show WhatsApp developers that there is a market for the app on the bada platform!

What can you do?

See our event page at: http://www.calabashdesign.co.za/whatsappforbada.html details!!!

Being a part of this campaign is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Tweet to WhatsApp
    Tweet a request to @whatsapp
    using the hashtag #whatsappforbadaexample: @whatsapp Please will you develop WhatsApp for bada 🙂
  2. Flood Facebook
    Comment on posts on this Facebook page: WhatsApp on Facebook.
    Again request kindly for WhatsApp on bada.
  3. Send an email to Whatsapp
    Send an email to support@whatsapp.com
    requesting that the app be developed for bada.
    At first, you will receive an automated response. Reply to that
    automated response with the same request. The second request is usually
    ignored, so later during the day, reply for the third time with the
    same request.

28 February: WhatsApp-for-bada Day!

With Samsung bada climbing higher in the smartphone market, the increasing number of bada users are looking for a good cross-platform messaging app and from what we have gauged, most users are longing for Whatsapp to be ported to the platform.

WhatsApp for badaAs OMG! bada! we asked our readers if they are willing to participate in a campaign to demonstrate the need for WhatsApp on the bada platform. We’ve agreed on a suggestion to have Tuesday, 28th February (GMT) set aside as WhatsApp for bada Day.

So what can you do?

Do you blog about bada or any tech-related stories?

If you do and you would like to help, please spread the word about Tuesday, 28 February and direct your readers to this page for more info.

Do you use social media?

You can help to create awareness by sharing this page with your friends.

You can also make the pic below, your profile pic on all social media for the day:
3 important things to do on the day:

  • Tweet a request to @whatsapp using the hashtag #whatsappforbada


@whatsapp Please will you develop WhatsApp for bada 🙂 #whatsappforbada

Again request kindly for WhatsApp on bada.

  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Send an email to support@whatsapp.com requesting that the app be developed for bada (only do this on Tuesday, 28 February so that we can maximise the effect of the campaign). At first, you will receive an automated response. Reply to that automated response with the same request. The second request is usually ignored, so later during the day, reply for the third time with the same request.

And this is how you can help campaign for WhatsApp to be ported to bada! Have fun, be kind and don’t forget!!!

OMG! bada!

bada 2.0 apps become available for the Wave I and II

Your Samsung Wave just got more AWESOME! bada 2.0 apps are beginning to arrive in the Samsung Apps store for older devices.

Until now, people using bada 2.0 on the Wave I and II have had to find alternate means to download and install new bada 2.0 apps on their devices. However, last week, Samsung Mobile started to officially roll out bada 2.0 across Europe, which meant that they would have to officially introduce bada 2.0 apps to the Wave I and II as well.

Some of the really great apps available for bada 2.0:

  • Asphalt 6 HD
  • Angry Birds
  • Taptu
  • Foursquare (coming really soon)
  • Voice alert languages
  • bada 2.0 flash themes
  • and many more…

Some countries are still waiting to receive the update, but that hasn’t stopped the introduction of bada 2.0 apps to the local Samsung Apps stores.

UPDATE FOR SOUTH AFRICAN bada USERS: In this week, Samsung Mobile South Africa announced in a Facebook comment that bada 2.0 “is currently in testing with the network operators here in South Africa and will be released soon thereafter”.

The SDK for bada 2.0 was released last year and ever since, the development of bada 2.0 apps has risen steadily. With bada 2.0 apps making their way to the store, we’ll see a significant growth in the number of apps available in the Samsung Apps store for bada. Big-name apps are also making their way to the platform. We’ve seen Angry Birds, ChatOn, Taptu and others and we’ve heard about official Foursquare, TomTom and others. This growth will surely invite more bada users and consequently more developers to the platform.

Have you updated your device to bada 2.0 via Kies recently? Tell us about the experience and what you think of the updated platform.

bada 2.0 to get a personal assistant app to rival Siri?

Sources reveal a personal assistant app being developed for the bada platform that may prove a worthy competitor to Apple’s Siri.

Remember Viki, the AI robot from the film iRobot? How would you like Viki as your personal assistant?

Viki is currently being developed for bada 2.0. The app sports an animated “robot” assistant that answers direct questions and accepts commands. Possible questions that a user can ask Viki range from general ones like, “What is the meaning of life?” to more complex ones like, “What is 7698 + 436 +865?”. Apart from that Viki can take care of most of your personal scheduling needs from setting alarms, reminders, tasks, creating calls, sending texts and emails. Viki can also search the internet using Google.

Itseems to be offered in English (US and UK) for now, but there’s no information on whether it will support additional languages in the future. Current bada 2.0 firmware ships with Vlingo as a default voice recognition feature, but Vlingo is limited to performing a few tasks with limited commands. Viki, however is more interactive in that it provides a spoken response to commands and questions.

Is this why Samsung is holding back on  releasing bada 2.0?

Samsung was supposed to have rolled out bada 2.0 updates during Q4 of 2011, but eventually disappointed consumers by revealing that updates may only be available by as late as June 2012! The Korean company also delayed its shipment of the Wave 3 globally. Only a few countries to date have been lucky enough to welcome the device on their shores. Consumers are also concerned that the Samsung Apps store for the Wave I and Wave II have received very few additions in recent months. Perhaps Samsung does not want to be hasty in launching the updated bada 2.0 platform and the new Wave device because it is still busy polishing up great additions to the platform like Viki. After-all, when bada 2.0 goes global along with the Wave 3, Samsung will be sending out this awesome device with its well polished flagship platform that features Touchwiz 4.0, TomTom Navigation, Vlingo, Viki, Ch@tOn, Angry Birds, etc. The Wave 3 also shows off some amazing hardware from its stunning metallic body to the 4″ Super AMOLED display and its powerful 1.4GHz processor.  Surely this will create a stir in the smartphone market and will assist in reducing Samsung’s dependence on Google’s Android platform, (also another possible reason why Samsung is developing Viki to run on bada and not its Android devices). We also recently learnt that Samsung is a member of the Tizen Association, but it will not scrap bada for Tizen.

I don’t know about you, but the image of a Wave 3 (or perhaps its successor) by the end of 2012, featuring full bada 2.2 with Samsung’s own version of Siri, makes me feel all fuzzy inside! Watch this space as we bring you the latest updates and exclusive bada news!

More Screenshots

Taptu arrives on bada

bada users will be pleased to know that yet another popular app has arrived on the platform. Taptu joins other great apps like Angry Birds and Ch@tON.

“Taptu is a social news feed reader that puts all of the stuff you’re into, in one beautiful app. Taptu lets you add the content from your favorite web sites and blogs via RSS and transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. Or add, one of our specially curated streams on a variety of topics and genres. Found a news article or stream you like? Share it via Facebook, Twitter and email to your friends or family. – Samsung Apps

Demo of Taptu on Android

The recent addition of many popular apps to the bada platform shows that it is performing well in the market. Recently, we learnt that bada coined an amazing 2.2% share in the smartphone OS market by November 2011, that’s double the share it enjoyed one year ago. bada has been attracting many app developers ever since this announcement.

bada will continue to attract more app developers as the Wave 3 is launched globally. And if bada contributes to the Tizen platform, yet more apps will come this way.

Watch this space for regular updates!

TomTom to make the Wave 3 even more awesome!

According to a press statement released by TomTom, “TomTom has signed a strategic deal with Samsung whereby TomTom maps and location content will power the Wave3 smartphone.”

TomTom on the Wave 3

TomTom will power the Wave 3 with navigation and search functions.

What does this mean for bada?

Currently, bada devices are embedded with Route 66 navigation, whilst Samsung’s Android range provides Google Maps. However, TomTom is a major player in the navigation technologies market and striking a deal with Samsung bada for its first official smartphone-embedded-app is certainly a booster for the bada platform. The Wave I and Wave II devices saw much lower sales compared to Samsung’s Galaxy range due to the lack of apps and, some might argue, innovation, when compared to the Android powered devices. Now that the Wave 3, powered by bada 2.0, has access to many more games like Angry Birds, apps like ChatON and embedded TomTom navigation, the sleek smartphone has many advantages to offer its consumers. This agreement is definitely a plus for bada.

What will TomTom offer?

According to the press release:

“The agreement gives Samsung access to TomTom global maps and premium location content including:”

  • “Map coverage for over 200 countries globally, providing over 35 million kilometers of road network
  • Points of Interest providing information that enables users to find the people, places and services they need, wherever they are
  • 3D City Maps and 3D Landmarks adding a dimension of clarity and reality to the map, enhancing recognition and providing a visual orientation aid
  • Enterprise Traffic delivering live road conditions, including the location and length of a traffic incident, helping drivers find the quickest route to their destination
  • Speed Cameras providing a location alert for safety related cameras to promote safe driving habits and optimize the navigation experience.”

The press release does not state whether the end-user will have to purchase additional licenses to activate the product, but from past experiences with Route66 embedded navigation, one can be assured that the service will be affordable.

According to IT Portal:

“Signing the deal with Samsung highlights TomTom’s ability to deliver the map and enhanced content needed to enable the location based services for wireless users,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director TomTom Automotive and Licensing.

“TomTom is excited to collaborate with the global leader in the smartphone market,” he said

Watch this space as we bring you continued updates on this story throughout the year. (Can’t wait to get my hands on a Wave 3 !! )

Ch@tON for iOS

bada users frustrated by the lack of cross-platform IM clients such as WhatsApp, might be pleased to learn that Ch@tON is now available for download from the iTunes store for iOS. 


Ch@tON is pre-installed on bada 2.0 devices (and firmware updates). The app is an instant messaging client that offers sharing of text, photos, animations and annotations. Samsung launched the service several months ago on the Android platform through its Galaxy range of phones and tablets. The App has since been available for all Android users from the Android Market. Now that the App is available for iOS users as well, bada users may add iOS contacts to their list of buddies.

Samsung plans to launch Ch@tON for RIM’s Blackberry OS as well as a web client. How well will Samsung’s chat app perform against the already well established WhatsApp? Only time will tell. Watch this space as we bring you developments throughout 2012!

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Happy Chatting! 😀

WhatsApp for bada campaign!

Many bada users have enquired from WhatsApp developers if they will be developing the app for bada, but until now, the response has been negative.

WhatsApp for bada

We think that the response has been negative mainly because WhatsApp developers do not see a potential market amongst bada users. Even though many bada users have sent emails to WhatsApp, their developers are seldom notified of these emails because an automatic system responds to the emails. However, upon replying to the automatic response, the developers are notified of the request.

What I’d like to do is create a WhatsApp-for-bada day on which as many bada users across the globe:

  • email WhatsApp thrice to request an app for bada
  • tweet with #WhatsAppForBada
  • Change their profile pics on Facebook to something uniform that says WhatsApp for bada
  • Comment on every single post on the official WhatsApp Facebook page, requesting WhatsApp for bada

Hopefully this will help to create an awareness that there are many bada users who want WhatsApp for bada.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments 🙂 Let’s pick a date!


Angry Birds arrives on bada!

It’s official! Rovio have developed Angry Birds for bada 2.0!

Angry Birds on bada

Yesterday, the Samsung Apps store for Wave 3 devices saw the introduction of the popular game Angry Birds developed by Rovio. The game was reportedly available for a short while before being taken down. The game should be available for download again soon.

The main requirement for the game is bada 2.0, which means that it will most likely be available for Wave I and II devices after Samsung rolls out the official updates for bada 2.0 globally. This is surely an exciting time for bada! With Angry Birds available for bada devices, the market share will surely see a rise as incentives to buy bada devices increase.

What Apps would you like to see available for bada 2.0?