Taptu arrives on bada

bada users will be pleased to know that yet another popular app has arrived on the platform. Taptu joins other great apps like Angry Birds and Ch@tON.

“Taptu is a social news feed reader that puts all of the stuff you’re into, in one beautiful app. Taptu lets you add the content from your favorite web sites and blogs via RSS and transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. Or add, one of our specially curated streams on a variety of topics and genres. Found a news article or stream you like? Share it via Facebook, Twitter and email to your friends or family. – Samsung Apps

Demo of Taptu on Android

The recent addition of many popular apps to the bada platform shows that it is performing well in the market. Recently, we learnt that bada coined an amazing 2.2% share in the smartphone OS market by November 2011, that’s double the share it enjoyed one year ago. bada has been attracting many app developers ever since this announcement.

bada will continue to attract more app developers as the Wave 3 is launched globally. And if bada contributes to the Tizen platform, yet more apps will come this way.

Watch this space for regular updates!

New bada video shows-off bada 2.0 UX

If you or a friend have been considering purchasing the new Samsung Wave III or another bada device, but you’re uncertain about what the user experience is like, this new video is for you!


Samsung has certainly shown renewed commitment to the bada platform recently. As Samsung takes its place as the world’s largest mobile manufacturer, it surely is looking to provide a truly Samsung experience to consumers. By that I mean; consumers should use a Samsung device with Samsung software to experience a complete Samsung product.

This video showcases the stunning bada interface, which seems more than able to compete against other major platforms, however, as most bada users would agree, the only ingredient left is the addition of many more popular apps to the bada Samsung Apps store. Last year we saw the power app race which provided incentive for many developers to turn their attention to bada, and in Q1 of 2012, we have seen Samsung try to bring app developers from other platforms to bada by providing developers with guides on how to port their apps from iOS and Android to bada 2.0.

The video above is from this page at the bada website, which also explains a lot about the bada 2.0 UX and bada 2.0 services! Click here to check it out!

2012 is truly going to be an exciting year for bada!

Ch@tON for iOS

bada users frustrated by the lack of cross-platform IM clients such as WhatsApp, might be pleased to learn that Ch@tON is now available for download from the iTunes store for iOS. 


Ch@tON is pre-installed on bada 2.0 devices (and firmware updates). The app is an instant messaging client that offers sharing of text, photos, animations and annotations. Samsung launched the service several months ago on the Android platform through its Galaxy range of phones and tablets. The App has since been available for all Android users from the Android Market. Now that the App is available for iOS users as well, bada users may add iOS contacts to their list of buddies.

Samsung plans to launch Ch@tON for RIM’s Blackberry OS as well as a web client. How well will Samsung’s chat app perform against the already well established WhatsApp? Only time will tell. Watch this space as we bring you developments throughout 2012!

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