Ch@tON for iOS

bada users frustrated by the lack of cross-platform IM clients such as WhatsApp, might be pleased to learn that Ch@tON is now available for download from the iTunes store for iOS. 


Ch@tON is pre-installed on bada 2.0 devices (and firmware updates). The app is an instant messaging client that offers sharing of text, photos, animations and annotations. Samsung launched the service several months ago on the Android platform through its Galaxy range of phones and tablets. The App has since been available for all Android users from the Android Market. Now that the App is available for iOS users as well, bada users may add iOS contacts to their list of buddies.

Samsung plans to launch Ch@tON for RIM’s Blackberry OS as well as a web client. How well will Samsung’s chat app perform against the already well established WhatsApp? Only time will tell. Watch this space as we bring you developments throughout 2012!

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Happy Chatting! 😀