bada 2.0 available via Kies in EU countries

Samsung has begun rolling out official bada 2.0 firmware for the Wave I in some European countries.

Wave I users in Europe would have been delighted when they connected their devices via Kies this week; as they would’ve been prompted with a bada update for their device.

bada 2.0 has been highly anticipated by Wave users, but for many across the globe, in places like Africa, the wait is not over. Last year Samsung chose not to deliver bada 1.2 via Kies in some countries like South Africa. Wave users had to take their devices to a Samsung centre to receive the update. This year, Samsung Mobile South Africa assured users via Facebook that the update to bada 2.0 will be made available via Kies, but we’re still waiting to see the realisation of that statement.

If you’re a developer and are keen on getting custom firmware based on this latest release of bada, see the blog for details.