TomTom to make the Wave 3 even more awesome!

According to a press statement released by TomTom, “TomTom has signed a strategic deal with Samsung whereby TomTom maps and location content will power the Wave3 smartphone.”

TomTom on the Wave 3

TomTom will power the Wave 3 with navigation and search functions.

What does this mean for bada?

Currently, bada devices are embedded with Route 66 navigation, whilst Samsung’s Android range provides Google Maps. However, TomTom is a major player in the navigation technologies market and striking a deal with Samsung bada for its first official smartphone-embedded-app is certainly a booster for the bada platform. The Wave I and Wave II devices saw much lower sales compared to Samsung’s Galaxy range due to the lack of apps and, some might argue, innovation, when compared to the Android powered devices. Now that the Wave 3, powered by bada 2.0, has access to many more games like Angry Birds, apps like ChatON and embedded TomTom navigation, the sleek smartphone has many advantages to offer its consumers. This agreement is definitely a plus for bada.

What will TomTom offer?

According to the press release:

“The agreement gives Samsung access to TomTom global maps and premium location content including:”

  • “Map coverage for over 200 countries globally, providing over 35 million kilometers of road network
  • Points of Interest providing information that enables users to find the people, places and services they need, wherever they are
  • 3D City Maps and 3D Landmarks adding a dimension of clarity and reality to the map, enhancing recognition and providing a visual orientation aid
  • Enterprise Traffic delivering live road conditions, including the location and length of a traffic incident, helping drivers find the quickest route to their destination
  • Speed Cameras providing a location alert for safety related cameras to promote safe driving habits and optimize the navigation experience.”

The press release does not state whether the end-user will have to purchase additional licenses to activate the product, but from past experiences with Route66 embedded navigation, one can be assured that the service will be affordable.

According to IT Portal:

“Signing the deal with Samsung highlights TomTom’s ability to deliver the map and enhanced content needed to enable the location based services for wireless users,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director TomTom Automotive and Licensing.

“TomTom is excited to collaborate with the global leader in the smartphone market,” he said

Watch this space as we bring you continued updates on this story throughout the year. (Can’t wait to get my hands on a Wave 3 !! )